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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Hello Blog Friends,

I'm happy to be back!!!! 

Currently, I am moving into a much smaller work/craft room.  In doing so, I realized that I have way too many things.  I also realized that to complete all of the miniature rooms, boutiques and dollhouses "I plan to get to some day", I would probably have to work endlessly into my senior years to get it all done!!!! :-) The fact is, I just don't have countless hours to devote to miniatures nor do I have the space to house them all anymore :-(  

Once this realization sunk in for me, I got to work.  I made a list of projects which I could realistically complete given my hectic schedule and space availability.  I love all of my miniature collections, so narrowing down projects and reducing the number of miniatures was tough but necessary.

All of my miniature collections are lovingly cared for.  Most of the collections were never displayed (stored in secure packaging with care) and many are OOAK/custom made. All of them are precious. To find out what is on sale from my private collection, please visit my ebay listings here: 

Below are some items for sale now on ebay.  I plan to update the ebay listings often, so please continue to check back.  

Happy Shopping!!!!

This piece is now SOLD

This beautiful doll is now SOLD

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