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Sunday, April 15, 2012

CAFE: Slow But Steady Progress

Cafe in progress
I planned to have a bit more accomplished on the Cafe by now......but I experienced a few LIFE distractions - Spring break with four school age boys at home, Baptism and Easter celebrations/dinners, doctor appointments is beautiful!  But I seem to need more hours in a day to get more accomplished. :-) !!!

The Cafe is primed and I made some alterations to the windows.  I plan to add grilles or muntin bars to the windows next.  I purchased the wood for the muntin bars from my local craft store.  I am currently working on the base to the cafe and planning the electrical work.  

Paint Chips
I went to my local hardware store to pick out the exterior color for the cafe and awning.  As you can see, I took home several paint chips.  I finally decided on a very pretty pink named "fairytale pink" for the cafe exterior.  The awning will be a pretty "chestnut" brown.  

So much more to do, so until next time.........


  1. It's a fantastic project. I'm curious to see the progresses.
    Bye Faby

  2. I love the combination of pink and brown, I think they are two colors that fit very well!
    I will keep your progress!